Renaissance Platinum


Philip Press is known for having a way with platinum.  As Hollywood's premier platinum jewelry designer, Press has established himself as the designer of choice for leading celebrities as well as discerning jewelry aficionados or betrothed couples.  His handcrafted, exquisitely designed Renaissance Platinum line has been featured in countless fashion and entertainment magazines, such as InStyle and Lucky, along with the local and national media.  

Press is known for his intricate, highly refined custom designs and his Renaissance Platinum collection.  At a young age, Press learned about everything from polishing to making filigree - ornamental lace-like working platinum. His mentor's attention to detail, such as using dental floss to polish a small surface let to his own quest for perfection in his pieces.  He continues his commitment to raising the bar where platinum design is concerned from mixing the best quality platinum alloy, to perfecting old-world techniques including hand engraving, filigree and pave work.

Press designs his collections and supervises his team of trained craftsmen from his workshop in West Hollywood.  He and his wife, Linda, and daughters, Hannal and Aryn, reside in Los Angeles, CA.