Judith Conway


Judith started Judith Conway Designs in 1994 and has become one of the leading Designers of Platinum Bridal and Fashion Jewelry.

All designs are produced in platinum and eighteen karat yellow gold only. All designs are individually hand assembled. Therefore, they can be made in any two tone combination of platinum or eighteen karat gold. All platinum or all eighteen karat gold is also available.

Why Platinum? It is a noble metal, the rarest and most precious metal on earth. Its subtle color makes it compatible with all fashion and its feel is like no other metal. It is the finest metal to set precious stones, to work with, and when properly polished the beautiful lustre will last longer than on any other metal. There is no Finer metal to work with than platinum.

Platinum wears forever --- the majority of antique jewelry we see today is made of platinum.

Platinum is hypo-allergenic --- no more black stained skin or allergic skin reactions.

Hold a Judith Conway design in your hand --- feel the difference in weight, the smoothness of the finish, put the ring on your finger and feel the comfort. These are the subtle details that make it so wearable. Look at the ring from the side --- there is always as much design attention to the side view as the top view.

Diamonds --- only the finest cuts, clarity and color are used in the production of a Judith Conway design.

Finishing --- polishing platinum takes approximately 5 to 10 times longer than a comparable one piece casting in 14kt or 18kt gold. When polishing platinum the process requires the surface to be repeatedly abraded with finer and finer grits until the scratches or marks become so fine they appear to be non-existent.

Quality workmanship takes time and effort. If you want the Finest please give us and the retail jeweler the time to insure you get the Finest.

Our goal is to make you as proud of your chosen piece of jewelry and its design as we are!

With your purchase of a Judith Conway design always ask for a signed Certificate of Authenticity. This guarantees you have received an original design!