How to Shop for your diamond...

The number one rule is to have fun! 
..and here are Nancy's tips on buying for that special someone...
Know your budget.  When you are shopping for a house, you want to be in the right neighborhood.   This will help in the process of determining the size of the diamond and overall quality within your price range.
Know your metal.  The price of gold, platinum and palladium will impact the price you pay for your ring.  Platinum will cost you more and might cause you to spend less of your budget on the center diamond.  Determine what is most important.
Know your shape.  The center diamond shape can be Round, Princess, Emerald, Oval, Marquise (pronounced Mar-keez), Radiant, Asscher and sometimes even Trillion or Triangular.
Know the ring style.  Do you want side diamonds in the ring, or do you want a solitaire setting for only the center diamond?  Will you eventually want to add a wedding band?  How will these fit together in the future?
Know the finger size for both rings - yours and hers!  (Yep.. you guys have to wear one too!)  The finger size may impact your price and will help me get you an accurate price quote. 
Shop around to get basic pricing information and style ideas.  Do not feel pressure from the sales associate at the counter.  Remember the offer you get today will be there tomorrow.  Next, call here before you buy anywhere.
Shop GIA or AGS laboratory graded diamonds only.   There are many grading laboratories and not all jewelry stores supply diamonds graded by GIA or AGS.  The quality of your diamond will not be as high with the same grade.   Sometimes, diamonds with these grading reports may seem more expensive.  This is not true.  The diamonds are generally better overall and the price will reflect that.   Let Nancy help you locate a diamond that works for you!