Danhov Designs


Designer Jack Hovsepian, the founder of Danhov, brings twenty-five years of experience in the jewelry industry and a wealth of diverse knowledge to his inspired designs. His creations for Danhov are the perfect marriage of time-honored tradition and modern technology. The son of a fashion designer, Jack Hovsepian was raised with an acute awareness of style. Although his passion eventually led him to study fine jewelry making, his early exposure to haute couture infuses every Danhov creation.Formally educated in engineering, inspired by European craftsmanship and influenced by many cultures, Jack Hovsepian brings the art of the traditional goldsmith into a new era. Using state-of-the-art computerized modeling technology, every Danhov piece brings Jack Hovsepian closer to his dream: to prove that modern methods and an appreciation for the classics can inspire and inform a new generation of ideas in fine jewelry design.