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Diamond Grading & Anatomy of Diamond...

We specialize in sourcing high quality laboratory graded (GIA and AGSL Graded) diamonds in all sizes and shapes.  We order direct from diamond cutters worldwide, no middleman and no overhead, and then pass this savings on to you.  For a current list of the diamonds that are available to you and an 'interactive' diamond search, please call 330-659-0783.

We receive calls every day inquiring on the price of a “One carat diamond”.  The answer to this question is not simple.  A flawless one carat, round brilliant diamond can be well over $15,000.00!  With this in mind, we encourage you to invest some time shopping for your diamond and jewelry item to become familiar with product availability and prices in your area.

Prices for diamonds will vary with carat weight, shape of the diamond, and the cut, or 'make' as it is known in the industry.  The 'make' is how the diamond is proportioned and finished, and has nothing to do with the shape of the diamond.  Polish, symmetry, cut grade and fluorescence will affect the price as well, yet is seldom discussed with the buyer before the diamond is sold.

Anatomy of a Round Brilliant Diamond


Excellent or Very Good cut grades measure the 'light performance' within the diamond.  These cuts exhibit the most brilliance (white light) and fire (rainbow of colors).  

The proportions of the diamond should be in a narrow range to achieve this level of perfection.  The following percentages serve as a guideline, but can vary with the shape of the diamond.  Percentages are based upon the diameter of the diamond.

Excellent Cut: Table is 53-58%, Depth is 59.3 - 62.8%
Very Good Cut:  Table is up to 61%, Depth is 58-63%

Pavilion depth, crown angles and much more affect the brilliance.

Since these percentages vary with shape, we locate only the "preferred' parameters in each shape diamond for you.


Basic Shapes:


Adding 'Bling' in your ring! 

The center diamond or largest diamond in your ring is always the focal point.  Generally, that is where the value of the ring is concentrated and where any future value will be found.  You must insist on a laboratory graded diamond for the center stone*.  A certificate by a reputable independent grading laboratory provides you with assurance of the actual quality of your diamond. A large percentage of retail diamonds are sold without certificates, or sold with a 'weak' certificate.  Or, they may be simply appraised by the retailer and given a grade based upon the retailer's assessment.  Since they are selling the diamond, that assessment may be higher than what it should be.  So protect yourself!  Certification prevents the retailer from grading the diamond up to make a sale.  It will also aid in the appraisal process and assist you in properly insuring your diamond(s).   

*side diamonds and semi-mountings are usually not laboratory graded.