Insurance and Appraisals.

Insurance is necessary to protect your investment.  Remember that 'store'
   policies can be misleading.

   Be aware that despite the chain store promises to replace your diamond should anything happen, no one will replace your ring if it's lost or stolen.  There are no mechanical or moving parts in jewelry.  The store 'policy' is designed to get you into the store every 6 months.  They know that you are more likely to purchase more jewelry if you are a repeat visitor.
Insurance is affordable.
    Insurance rates vary depending upon the county in which you live and the price of the item you purchased.  On average, insurance premiums will run from $1.00 to $1.50 per $1000 of coverage per year.   For a $5000.00 purchase, you only pay $50-$65.00 annually. 
Insurance is peace of mind.
   You are protected against chipping or damage and loss of the stone(s) from your jewelry.  You are also insured for replacement value should you suffer loss of the item.
Insurance gives you control.
    Choose where you want to replace your ring or diamond without being locked into the store where you made your purchase.