Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we receive from our clients are answered below.

Who is Brilliant Choice?

Brilliant Choice, LLC is committed to provide diamonds and jewelry at below retail pricing, promising you the quality and service you would expect from the finest jewelry stores.  We are not here to provide low-cost jewelry that you could purchase at the wholesale clubs, but rather provide the finest jewelry at incredible savings!

How is Brilliant Choice different than other online jewelers?

At Brilliant Choice we only select the best diamonds for our customers.  We listen to your needs and then search for the very best diamond available to meet your budget.  We do the shopping for you.  Think of us as professional diamond shoppers.  We are your eyes and will make sure that your diamond is beautiful!

Your prices seem too good to be true?  How do you do it?                                    
We do not keep inventory.  Our diamonds are sourced specifically for you, based upon your requirements and only a small percentage is added for the time we spend with you.  We don't have the overhead of a traditional jewelry store.

How will my diamond be shipped?

We ship our jewelry and diamonds either by Express Mail, UPS or Registered Mail.  The incidence of loss is generally no greater than with any other item you might ship.  All shipments are sent fully insured.

How do I know my diamond is natural and not 'fake' or enhanced by treatments?
Most diamonds we sell above .50 carats are graded by an independent laboratory.  As such, these diamonds are guaranteed to be natural.  If any enhancement has taken place, the laboratory is required to disclose such information on the certification.  Brilliant Choice rejects the diamond if this is the case.

What is your warranty policy?
Our warranty covers each item of fine jewelry for defects in manufacturing only (based upon the inspections and sole determination of Brilliant Choice, LLC at the time your jewelry is shipped).  Your fine jewelry is not protected against normal wear and tear and/or physical or accidental abuse, loss and theft.  Be aware that NO jewelry store wants to replace your jewelry!  The 'store' warranties are all going to be limited and have multiple exclusions.  No store will replace your diamond ring in the event it is lost or stolen, so you must provide your own insurance coverage against this possibility, even though it is a remote possibility. 

We will help you with your specific questions about insurance coverage when you make a purchase.

Do you charge sales tax?
We are required to collect sales tax in the state of Ohio.

What are my payment options?
Cash, check, money order, most major credit cards. 

Do you offer any financing or layaway plans?
Yes, we have layaway.  Financing is not available at this time.   Please call for ideas on how you might be able to creatively purchase your jewelry.