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Welcome to A Brilliant Choice!  We are known for our expertise in buying, selling diamonds and fine jewelry. In business since 1994, we have thousands of clients across the country.  Our exclusive partnership with Executive Merchandising Services has enabled each customer to utilize their combined purchasing power to obtain the guaranteed lowest price on the finest jewelry and diamonds.  These are not discount diamonds but beautiful, high quality diamonds available to you at discount prices!  

OUR MISSION is to assist you in making a "brilliant" decision.   Each 'center' diamond is selected directly from the cutter with the best cut and finish according to GIA standards, regardless of the size or price of your diamond selection.  We believe the focus of your purchase should be the center diamond.  Therefore, each center diamond weighing at least .50 carats is graded by the GIA Gemological Trade Laboratory or the American Gemological Society Laboratory and will come with an independent grading report.

We insist on the GIA or AGS grading laboratories to independently and impartially describe the distinct quality characteristics of your diamond. These grading reports guarantee the cut, color and clarity of your diamond. Don't be misled by other types of reports or appraisals, especially those that claim high values with big discounts. GIA and AGS  are among the most respected and most consistent grading labs in the industry.

We not only work together to find your perfect diamond, we also provide you with diamond education. You will know what to look for in a beautiful diamond, and what to avoid when making a diamond purchase. We  willl  help you find the right diamond at the best price.

A Brilliant Choice combines your specifications with the eye of a diamond expert to search worldwide for your diamond. We will listen to your needs and work with you individually to locate the perfect diamond. Next, we help you select the perfect setting to highlight your beautiful diamond. We carry thousands of ring designs, several designer lines, and if we don’t have exactly what you want, we will create the perfect ring for you!   Many of our rings are available in 14K, 18K, platinum and palladium.                                                                   


Nancy Crawford, GIA Diamonds Graduate

Nancy is your personal assistant for fine jewelry.  Since 1994, she has assisted over 5000 customers looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring or that special gift for one of lifetime's memorable occasions.